"I attended the Bio-behavioral Aspects of Oral Airway Dysfunction and Sleep Disorders in Children course with Paula and Dr. Zozula on July 9th, 2016. After attending the course I had a clearer understanding of the connections between children’s behavior, sleep and breathing patterns. Not only did they help to connect the dots, but they helped me to establish a clear thought process on how to evaluate and manage these patients on an individual basis. Great course."

From MG, D.O.

"I wanted to thank you for all the work you are doing in the area of sleep disordered breathing. As a parent of children with SDB and probably a sufferer, as well as a professional, I know how critical your work is, how imperative early intervention is, and how misunderstood and misdiagnosed these conditions are. Your seminar was eye-opening, and has helped me further understand the impact SDB has on all aspects of my life and that of my children, as well as that of loved ones and my clients. I am now more tuned into signs and symptoms, that otherwise I would have overlooked. I only wish that I had know about your work 10 years ago, if not 40. Your seminar should be a requirement in all professional schools, as well as a requirement for all parents. I truly believe your knowledge can change the lives of millions."

From LA, Psy.D.


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